A ChatGPT Poem about its own mistakes

Denise Silber asked ChatGPT to write a poem explaining the ChatGPT paradox, that since ChatGPT presents mistaken information, only experts can use it, and that bibliographic references and urls provided by ChatGPT are not reliable.

Title (by ChatGPT): ChatGPT, a Tool with Limits

In the world of bits and bytes, Where machines rule the land, There’s a tool called ChatGPT, That helps you understand.
Ask a question, any query, And ChatGPT will reply, With words of wisdom, facts and figures, To help you amplify.
But there’s a catch, a small one, That you should know quite well, ChatGPT isn’t perfect, And mistakes can often dwell.
If you seek specifics, details, That only experts know, ChatGPT may lead you astray, And that can cause you woe.
In the realm of information, Where sources hold the key, ChatGPT can be unreliable, As a fact-finding referee.
Bibliographic references, And URLs to be exact, Are not ChatGPT’s strongest suit, Its results may not be intact.
So when it comes to citations, And academic pursuit, ChatGPT may not suffice, For a scholar’s attribute.
It’s important to remember, That ChatGPT’s just a tool, To assist in seeking knowledge, And not a magic jewel.
So while it’s helpful for some, It’s not the end-all-be-all, For finding certain details, An expert may be the call.
For those who know the subject, They can use ChatGPT with ease, But for those who seek to learn, It may not bring them peace.
The purpose of this tool was noble, To bring knowledge to the masses, But with errors and inaccuracies, Its usefulness often passes.
So while ChatGPT may be helpful, It’s important to keep in mind, That for certain kinds of knowledge, Experts are the ones to find.

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