Digital Health, a Poem by ChatGpt

Here is a poem from ChatGPT about the interest of digital health for professionals and patients.

In this world of technology and screens,
Digital health has made a scene,
Revolutionizing how we care,
Both for patients and providers who share.

With apps and devices at our side,
We’re empowered to take our health in stride,
Tracking symptoms and vital signs,
Managing conditions, and feeling just fine.

For doctors, too, the benefits abound,
From telemedicine to insights found,
The power of data, at their fingertips,
Helping them make the best treatment trips.

So let’s embrace this digital age,
And unlock the potential on life’s stage,
For better health and peace of mind,
Thanks to the wonders of tech we find.


 1st poet: ChatGPT, Prompter: Denise Silber

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