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Découvrez le Digital Pharma Summit – Bruxelles- 16-03-23

mars 9, 2023
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Basil Strategies is proud to announce that our founder Denise Silber will be both moderator and a keynote speaker at the Digital Pharma Summit, Brussels (March 16th, 2023). This outstanding program will enable healthcare managers in industry and tech to come away with the latest information thanks to the concrete examples about digital communication and transformation, digital health tools, and legal and regulatory requirements that these handpicked speakers will present. Each of the talks will be built on the theme of the lessons learned regarding new digital partnerships and ecosystems involving the pharma industry. The program is conveniently organized from 12:30 pm to 5pm, so as to facilitate travel within Europe.

Denise Silber  (Basil Strategies) will launch the session with an engaging look at digital communication and health trends, involving participants in the exercise. Next up will be Pierre de Nayer and Jean-Sebastien Struyf  (Mediquality) who will explain how to plan a digitally savvy product launch and use the numbers to measure the results.

Continuing along in communication and marketing, Toon De Baere (Astra Zeneca,) will show how his company delivers a seamless, personalized experience to professionals and patients, thanks to their digital transformation.
And we will end the session on advances in digital communication with Mathilde Merckx, and Sabine Perquy-Forke attorneys, who will present best practices. After the amazing networking break, it will be time for Tiktok represented by Vincent Pierquet who will explain how healthcare communication can take advantage of the huge growth of Tiktok.

Our US-based Dr Harvey Castro, author of one of the first books on ChatGPT in Health will explain his vision of how ChatGPT may impact the future of pharma communication with professionals and patients. And Azele Mathieu (MSD Belgium) will launch us into pharma’s digital collaborations regarding healthcare tools.

This will be followed by Emilie Mercadal, founder of Rofim who will explain how the Rofim platform opens new opportunities for physicians to collaborate online. Nicolas Begin (Cureety) will provide  impactful data about improving oncology care through remote monitoring. Our attorneys will then return to explain the liability considerations around digital health tools.

And finally, Denise Silber, in a fireside chat, will interview Dr Yacine Hadjiat of Biogen Digital Health Solutions on how partnerships have enabled his division of Biogen to develop their new portfolio of products and services.

Does it sound amazing, enlightening, and positive? We think so and hope you will too. Below, please find the program and here is the link to all the info. Tell them Basil Strategies sent you!