Open Mic : La Santé rencontre le Métavers #Replay

The Open Mic Next in Health Series invites leaders from different backgrounds to take the mic and share their views on the trends which will influence the transformations in healthcare. The August 23, 2022 session on the theme of Healthcare Meets the Metaverse »,  took place appropriately at both the brand-new Novartis Pavilion in Basel, Switzerland and online. The video version seen below, was in fact recorded online, hence the somewhat pixelated rendering, a not-so-subtle reminder of the technical challenges  we  face in executing  on the Metaverse!  The overarching goal of this great panel was to  discuss what we do and don’t know and think about the intersection of healthcare and the metaverse.

Denise Silber was very proud to participate and contribute her expertise on digital health trends, on how therapeutic virtual reality programs can be seen as a precursor of the virtual worlds of the metaverse, and how the metaverse is at the beginning of a long journey and may well look quite different from what we imagine today. These are perspectives that Denise has gathered through her roles at both Basil Strategies for the past 20 years and at VRforHealth since 2020.   Shalini Trefzer was an excellent host and also, in representing Microsoft as a Data and AI specialist, able to bring these topics into the conversation. Dr Quy Vo-Reinhard, through her work at dHealth Foundation, talked about improving the quality of prevention and care through the use of blockchain technology. Nicoletta Iacobacci, PhD, was the philosopher of the team, raising deep questions about the impact of  the metaverse on what it means to be human.

But, nothing will replace watching the video. We are very fortunate that there are organizations like Day One and Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area who bring together members of their health ecosystem to reflect upon these questions.


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