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Denise Silber, Basil Strategies

Founded by Denise Silber to improve life for patients through digital innovation

Public Speaking

Basil Strategies will make available the public speaking services of Denise Silber, president-founder, a highly regarded public speaker.

Denise has addressed international audiences on cutting edge topics in digital health for 20+ years. She will command attention at your event, thanks not only to her talent as a professional speaker but as well to her deep understanding of the healthcare stakeholders’ perspective on digital innovation.

Denise Silber is a successful keynote and master of ceremonies around the world.

Public Speaking Engagements

Conference & Event Curation

Make the content and program of your next event a big success with Denise Silber

Basil Strategies will help you create digital health and social media related events, conferences, and workshops that participants love.

Denise Silber, president-founder, known for the creation of the Doctors 2.0 & You series, brings you her unique experience in creating and speaking at internal and external events in digital health in Europe and the United States. She knows which topics are hot, how to organize the program, how to spot and work with great speakers, how to be an impactful master of ceremonies and keynote.


Partner with Doctors 2.0 & You to make your health or medical congress even more cutting edge and engaging

Find out more about Doctors 2.0 & You

Doctors 2.0 & You "Congress in a Congress" Services

  • Digital health speakers, emcee
  • Patient-includedness strategy
  • Digital health start-up contest
  • Exciting digital health demos
  • Livetweet, articles, social media

Strategic Consulting

Basil Strategies will work with you to take your digital marketing and communication or social media strategy to the next level.

Denise Silber will define a package that suits your goals. The tools can include:

  • desk research,
  • performing interviews,
  • identifying new partners,
  • acting as a sparring partner to challenge and test your hypotheses,
  • coaching members of the team,
  • organizing a workshop.

Denise Silber has a unique and deep experience in strategic communication concerning digital health.


Denise Silber's personalized approach will suit you!

Ask Denise Silber for a coaching package for your business or for you.
1. Great marketing, great pitches: Improve not only how you present, but what you choose to say

2. Improved visibility: Whether as a professional or for your business, benefit from improved Marketing, use of Social Media

3. Career coaching: Get new energy about what you want to do and make a plan to get there

Social Media & Training

Basil Strategies will help your organization take its social media presence to the next level.

Denise Silber, president-founder, known for her own position as an international healthcare social media influencer and thought leader will help you identify the best next steps for you in your professional environment.

The workplan may include helping to define or renew your online presence and social media channels, creating a workshop to give a new impulse to your social media presence, livetweeting, and more.

Denise Silber is an international social media influencer.




President Hellenic Cancer Federation
Denise Silber is a highly experienced international strategist with deep knowledge of digital marketing and social media for pharma and healthcare and an excellent global network. Creative, intuitive, trustworthy and hardworking, Denise listens carefully and makes the extra effort to deliver real results and achievements.


The Medical Futurist
Denise Silber is a wonderful person and easy to work with. Innovative, creative, very strategic, an excellent public speaker, Denise founded and has been organizing today’s most informative conference in Europe on the digital revolution in medicine, Doctors 2.0 & You. I’ve never missed any of the 6 editions!
thierry pennel


Senior Director, SPMSD
Denise Silber has demonstrated outstanding digital leadership and strategy skills at two pharma companies in which I’ve worked. She is fully business and marketing oriented, focused on customer needs, creative, always listening carefully to our needs and doing her utmost to answer all our questions and challenges.

About Basil Strategies

Basil Strategies is a Communications Consultancy dedicated to Digital Health. Established in 2001, Basil Strategies has worked with healthcare stakeholders around the world. Denise Silber, founder-president, provides impactful, high-level services including:

  • • strategic advice and coaching
  • • keynote speeches and emceeing
  • • conference curating
  • • customized workshops

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