Interview with Denise Silber about public speaking

Public Speaking Denise Silber

Q1 Why do you enjoy public speaking and keynoting?

Denise Silber : Spreading the word on  cross-cutting, innovative issues in healthcare is so important and I love to engage with different publics, different stakeholders, people from different countries and locations.  have had a lot of practice in doing this in many different settings. It’s always fascinating and educational. I am fundamentally a communicator!

Q2. How do you see the role of Master of Ceremonies?Public Speaking Denise Silber

Denise Silber : I love it, also. As a Master of Ceremonies, I love to link the different bits of the program for the audience, so they can really see what the program is aiming at.  I also like to pick up on  what the audience is thinking and further the discussion with challenging questions. People tell me they enjoy my questions.

Q3. What are the most requested topics for your talks on digital health ?

Denise Silber:  There are many variations and sub-themes related to the topic of digital health. I am typically invited to speak on: digital health trends and technologies, patient empowerment, the use of social media in healthcare, digital tools for pharma, online reputation for physicians and hospitals,  the patient-physician relationship, and others.  There are also different formats; I may be a keynote, a master of ceremonies, a workshop facilitator, panelist.

Q4. How do you prepare?

Denise Silber: For these talks to work well, they need to be tailor-made for each audience. So, each talk requires many hours of preparation. In fact, they are never ready after just one work session. But, so far, I haven’t found a “robot” to replace me. I hope to see you at one of the events listed below!

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