Sign up for Denise Silber’s New Networking Workshop March 5, 2018 – Paris

“From Thinking to Doing: Become A Great Networker and Love Every Minute of It” is Denise Silber’s new networking workshop. You too can become an amazing networker and guide your life toward your passions.

Denise has used networking extensively to develop her own activities both professionally and personally, and is today a global social media influencer and innovator in digital health and patient-includedness.

Join the session on Monday March 5th, 2018 from 7 to 9pm at the HBA-hosted event, located in Paris, 75008. Register here.

In today’s busy world where networking is too often seen as a joyless constraint, Denise Silber, digital health trendspotter, communicator, and founder of Doctors 2.0 & You conferences, has discovered through her career in digital health, that the opposite is true. According to Denise, “most, if not all networking contacts can be fulfilling and joyful and networking will help each of us move forward in appealing directions, if we set that goal.”

Denise will share with  HBA attendees her “networking thinking and doing” techniques in an exclusive session that will combine an introductory talk, discussion with participants and practical exercises/

What is good networking? What can network bring to the goals you have? With whom do you network? How do you get started? How do you conclude a networking moment? What do you bring to your networking partner?  We all have some parts of the answers…We all share questions.

And if you can’t attend March 5th, let us know you’re interested and perhaps we can set up some alternate session.

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