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Medicine X Academy

Answer the questionnaire linked at the end of this post. Tell us how you would like Medical Education to be. While the specifics of medical education around the world does vary, medical schools have in common the fact that they are organized around principles of education that have not necessarily kept pace with changes in society and technology. So,  let’s co-create the future of medical education!

On April 22-23, 2017, we (otherwise known as Denise Silber, Brandi Sinkfield and Hugo Campos) will be be participating in the Medicine X Academy at Stanford, where we will be facilitating an exciting and original workshop.

Stanford Medicine X Academy aims to change the culture of health care by creating a community Li Ka Shing Centerdedicated to addressing gaps in medical education that are most important to stakeholders. We aim to make health care education easily accessible, empower all stakeholders to learn together and from each other, and to begin these interactions earlier in the educational process.

Our “co-creation workshop” will engage participants to think about the content and style of future medical education. If changes in technology and society require physician profiles to evolve, how will medical education have to change?

And to execute this workshop, we need your help, (patients, healthcare professionals, students and providers, business, government, …concerned people)  in responding to a quick questionnaire.

  Here is the link to that questionnaire.

Thanking you most sincerely

Denise, Brandi, Hugo Denise-Brandi-Hugo

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