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President Hellenic Cancer Federation
Denise Silber is a highly experienced international strategist with deep knowledge of digital marketing and social media for pharma and healthcare and an excellent global network. Creative, intuitive, trustworthy and hardworking, Denise listens carefully and makes the extra effort to deliver real results and achievements.


The Medical Futurist
Denise Silber is a wonderful person and easy to work with. Innovative, creative, very strategic, an excellent public speaker, Denise founded and has been organizing today’s most informative conference in Europe on the digital revolution in medicine, Doctors 2.0 & You. I’ve never missed any of the 6 editions!


Senior Director, SPMSD
Denise Silber has demonstrated outstanding digital leadership and strategy skills at two pharma companies in which I’ve worked. She is fully business and marketing oriented, focused on customer needs, creative, always listening carefully to our needs and doing her utmost to answer all our questions and challenges.

Albert Ohayon

Obstetrician and gynecologist
Denise Silber is a visionary who has always provided the right advice and analyses regarding eHealth, despite the hype. I strongly recommend that her clients and partners take note of her recommendations. She is someone of great value, whom I respect, both personally and professionally.

Paul Tunnah

CEO pharmaphorum
Denise Silber has a wealth of experience bridging both the healthcare space and new technology, providing her with a unique and valuable perspective on how the two combine. Denise is extremely well connected, solutions focused, collaborative and well informed around the key issues here, in addition to being very passionate about driving new solutions for patients.

Franck Schneider

Communication digitale, Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève
It has been a pleasure to work for the past several years with Denise Silber at Basil Strategies. Denise offers the best possible advice on e- reputation and digital strategy, is attentive and always open to new ideas, and is one of the best specialists in the healthcare digital revolution.

Bernard Peyrical

Vice-president Sanofi
Many people talk about digital, 2.0, social media in healthcare, but Denise Silber helps make it happen. Her outstanding business acumen, openness, skills at bringing la crème de la crème together, trends in spotting talent and her leadership speak for her.

Jennifer Shine Dyer, MD, MPH.

Physician and mHealth entrepreneur.
Denise Silber is a true visionary and pioneer as noted by her long experience and success in the advocacy and web 2.0 space. Under Denise’s guidance, Doctors 2.0 & You is one of THE best events in which I’ve participated: well-rounded, innovative, groundbreaking, patient-centered, and classy.

Rob Halkes

I second all the other testimonials and wish to insist on Denise Silber’s personal style. She is passionate and yet balanced, an entrepreneur with compassion, who is devoted to patients. Her high intelligence helps her recognize and work with the contradictory facets of healthcare organizations as they attempt to innovate digitally.

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